Monday, August 30, 2010

Perseverance Pays Off

Phone systems seem to be like that old adage about opinions, everyone has one, blah blah. The point is they're all different and have different needs and requirements. I can write, voice and produce a message with no problem. Then deliver in whatever format you want. But the technical requirements of each phone system are varied and overwhelming. I just knew there were people out there that had this expertise. And you would figure with the internet they would not be that hard to find, but I was having a certain degree of difficulty. In the last couple of weeks I hit the jackpot. First it was Greg Powers at Powers Productions who took the time to work with me and answer my questions and find the device that would allow me to serve a customer with a two line phone. Next was the need to find a device to deliver a quality message over the phone consistently with good volume. I not only found that but also found a device that would restart automatically when the power was restored after a failure. Skutch Electronics fills the bill nicely. Again, customer service that is outstanding. Please Hold Marketing has have been looking for years for these resources and now I feel I can deliver service for my clients with much higher confidence.